I thought about writing a boring bio here, but that seems like a waste of a home page. It’s all on LinkedIn. Instead of my work history, here’s my work philosophy:

I believe that whether you’re writing for a behemoth or a small publication, the practice of journalism is about relentless digging. At the heart of most good articles is a truth that someone never wanted exposed.

I talk to people who want to see the real story told and then I look for ways to make that happen. Usually, those people start out afraid of the powerful interests working against them. But when they go through with it …

  • Sexual Harassment Laws Leave Gap for VCs, Founders
    If a venture capitalist sexually harasses a startup founder who's pitching the VC for funding, is it sexual harassment?
  • Silicon Valley Women Tell of VC’s Unwanted Advances
    Six women told their stories about a venture capitalists unwanted advances. The article changed the venture capital industry and led to new legislation in California.
  • The Reality Behind Magic Leap
    This was the first article that uncovered what this mysterious Florida company was working on. The aftermath of the revelations changed the trajectory of the augmented reality industry.
  • Inside Tony Fadell’s Struggle to Build Nest
    I pulled back the curtain on the turmoil within Nest, the smart home company acquired by Google for $3.2 billion, and its founder, iPod creator Tony Fadell. Fadell resigned a month later.
  • What Went Wrong at Jawbone
    Jawbone received a $300 million vote of confidence from BlackRock, but this article showed Jawbone was actually struggling. In less than a year, BlackRock had written off the now-defunct company.
  • Facebook Experiments Had Few Limits
    Amid furor over Facebook's manipulation of its users' emotions, I convinced a former data scientist to detail how widespread and unchecked the practice really was.
  • Stadium's Costly Legacy Throws Taxpayers for a Loss
    This groundbreaking article detailed just how devastating public support for sports stadiums can be. It required months of dogged reporting.
  • Georgeann Wells
    Georgeann Wells made history when she slam dunked for the first time in women's basketball. The person who filmed the dunk kept the tape hidden for 25 years. I found it in West Virginia.
  • Speed and Commerce Skewed Track's Design
    Olympic organizers said Nodar Kumaritashvili died because of an error he made on the luge track. But it turned out the track was built with lower safety standards to make it more profitable.
  • Blood Brothers
    Cyclist Floyd Landis gives an exclusive tour through what he and others say is a culture of systematic doping in the sport.
  • A Discipline Problem
    Legendary Penn State football coach Joe Paterno clashed repeatedly with the university’s former chief disciplinarian over how harshly to punish players who got into trouble